500 Days of fitness challenge

I am planning on to work on my knowledge and fitness in the time to come.

The idea of starting a 500 days fitness program stuck me. I felt this is something I wanted to do in my 20s but I gave up on this over other things. So I shall try focusing on this.

So I ask myself, have I ever persisted on anything for so long …

This is not gonna be easy. I foresee the following challenges:

  • I will lose motivation, as every morning I wake up with a different mood.
  • I will start avoiding alot of food and eventually may run into getting fatigued.
  • My priorities will change. And this challenge might not be so important months from now.
  • I will hold back on spending money on getting professional help, as I consider it being over prized, as compared to what I make for an hour.
  • I will skip this when I get sick.
  • I will skip this over weekend or any travel that I would do.

But one thing that I am good at is trying.
My expectation once I complete this challenge is to bring out the best of me and form a healthy routine. Of course I would love to see my ripped self. And yes I have already failed at it before.