How to hide the template while angular has not loaded

Angular Expression

Angular expression show up until angular has evaluated the template bindings.
<span>{{ }}</span>

Template with ng-show

This also happens when angular library itself is yet to be loaded, and there are templates dependent on evaluation on ng-show expressions.
<div ng-show="data.isVisible">Some template here</div>

Hide before angular evaluation occurs

Use ‘ng-cloak’ attribute on the element. This is an angular directive which hides the content before its evaluated. Change angular expression as:
<span ng-cloak>{{ }}</span>
Add ‘ng-cloak’ attribute as follows:
<div ng-show="data.isVisible" ng-cloak>Some template here</div>
Add the following style to your project:
ng-cloak { display: none; }
Since on load ‘ng-cloak’ will be removed, template would show up as implemented