One inspirational story on finding mentor

So, I have been following Peter Sage on YouTube. And happen to watch one of his video on mentorship. He mentioned about Tony Nicolson, from whom he had received a mail for seeking little guidance.

This guy was studying in US and one of a lecture that he took, he heard about how the economy in china is proliferating. He dropped from his school and moved to Beijing, China. He didn’t knew Chinese but still was determined to make it there.

His parents were living in Dubai.He heard about his father being hospitalised. The hospital expenses grew. He headed to Dubai and started raising money to help his father. He was able to raise money from people, but unfortunately his father passed away, before he could get him to england for his treatment.

He was clueless about what to do next. He moved back to Beijing where he was working as a personal trainer.

He asked Peter to provide guidance on how he should grow from this point in his life. Peter asked him to follow read couple of books and few other material. Tony reverted back to him few days later saying that this is what he learnt and requested Peter to meet him for a coffee if he is in the same town. Peter was impressed by him as he found a mentee who applied himself.

They met and Tony told Peter that he works as a personal trainer charging $50 per hour. Peter asked him why doesn’t he charge $500 per hour. He told if he does so, nobody would come to him. Peter told that people would come but only if he believes he is worth $500 per hour. Peter helped him with his self image issues. Peter told there are certain set of people in china that are earning great sum of money but has issues with health and even climbing stairs would get them huffing and puffing. So, if he could help them, they would be willing to pay a premium price for his services.

After this he went ahead with Peter’s advice and told his clients that he would be charging $250 per hour. After one year, he started charging $500 per hour. He started training elite group of people who had no issues paying that sum.

After couple of years he started training the celebs in china and was charging $10,000 for a session.

He is currently the highest paid personal trainer in china.


  • Never hesitate to reach out to people you look upto, for guidance.
  • You might be undervaluing yourself all this while.
  • If you can believe you are worth more, others will believe too.