Signature mismatch error

Typescript: signatures must all be ambient or non-ambient

If you named your function as print and tring to invoke it while using Typescript, you will get compile time error as follows:

function print(value: any): void {

print('hello world')
print({ a: 10, b: 20 })

Will give you following error:

index.ts:1:10 - error TS2384: Overload signatures must all be ambient or non-ambient.

1 function print(value: any): void {

node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.dom.d.ts:17768:18 - error TS2394: This overload signature is not compatible with its implementation signature.

17768 declare function print(): void;

    1 function print(value: any): void {
    The implementation signature is declared here.

Found 2 errors in 2 files.

This error is because we already have a native method window.print(), which takes no parameter. And our usage indicates that we are looking for an overloaded implementation of print method.

If you rename your function from print to say output or anything else, this error will not be thrown.