- [Done] Time picker manual input doesnt get picked up. And it stops working after that.
- [Done] Gulp does not pick new files
- [Done] Gulp creates templates with path from child of components folder,
	- This does not allow to integerate templates in dev envmt
- Input fields dont highlight text. And in some instances, doesnt highlight both text and inputfield border.
- Dropdown should close automatically on click outside the panel
- Allow cards to have their own controller
	- Currently timeline loads card by the card path in <ng-include src="template"/>
- Fix issues with timeline card heights getting reduced due to ng-hide used in cards
- Add default attribute to time module and set no defaults for calendar panel and none for habit panel

- [Done] Variable height of content to be calculated for creating location bar

- Disable end dates before start date selected for dual calendar
- Add support for calendar cards to show details for newly added item as well
	- Currently it supports only acted upon calendar items

- Add support for habit cards to show details for newly added item as well
	- Currently it supports only acted upon habit items

- On reset button press, ask for confirmation, but only if any content is added

- Implement scroll view for loading more than one day

#Components Required
- Plain Text [Done]
- Rich Text
- Markdown 

- [Done] Where: <autocomplete>

- [Done] Who: <autocomplete>

- [Done] Title: <string>
- [Done] Start & End Date: <date>	<date>
- [Done] Time: <time>	<morning> <afternoon> <evening> <night>
- [Done] Repetition
	- Interval: <once> <daily> <weekly> <monthly> <yearly>
	- Type of Day: <weekly> <weekend> <holiday>
	- Day of week: <mon> <tue> <wed> <thu> <fri> <sat> <sun>
	- By count: nth <weekday>, <weekend>, <holiday>, <day of week>, <week> of month
- [Done] Where: <autocomplete>
- [Done] Who: <autocomplete>

- [Done] Time: <time>	<morning> <afternoon> <evening> <night>

- Double click the icons one 'ADD NEW' panel to explore the items of the that category.

- [Done] 'ng-Paste' to be implemented, since the i am using contenteditable div, i will have to remove html while pasting content.

#People Panel
- Add notes and social buttons

- 'Add Another Workout' button is to be uncommented
	- Load last entered workout data in a summary view, above new fitness panel rendered
- Add weight unit type as a predefined field against 'Weights Used' field

- [Done] 'onAction' directive needs to detach itself after the first event occurs
- Add 'toggle' directive to toggle boolean value passed into the directive

- Make login panel responsive
- Make register panel responsive