#22 Feb 2017
- Seperated habits from the timeline view and created new view below timeline

#15 Feb 2017
- Fixed issue with timeline location bar not getting updated on submit

#14 Feb 2017
- Added data to finance widget based on new calculations
- Fixed issue with food widget calories not getting reset on date change

#12 Feb 2017
- Implemented total my expenses for today and for month

#6 Feb 2017
- Wrote algorithm to get total expenses for myself today and for month

#5 Feb 2017
- Retrieved data for finance widget data processing

#3 Feb 2017
- Fixed issues with demo fitness widget

#26 Feb 2017
- Added dance as activity type

#1 Feb 2017
- Mood widget order by issue fixed

#17 Jan 2017
- Added input type as number for mobile view

#11 Jan 2017
- Fixed issues with finance summary and panel UI

#10 Jan 2017
- Completed implementing fitness widget with details of each workout

#8 Jan 2017
- Implemented fitness widget
- Implemented preprocessor to remove empty workout and emtpy sets

#7 Jan 2017
- Adding few more food calorie details
- Interating user entered calories in the calories calculations
- Implemented food widget for capturing calories count

#6 Jan 2017
- Added activity type walking
- Added few more food calorie details

#5 Jan 2017
- Implemented calorie counter in food panel and food card

#4 Jan 2017
- Implemented stateful filter to load data from json on first filter load
- Reimplemented filter to use inline json for nutrition info

#3 Jan 2017
- Partially implemented algorithm for getting calories count

#2 Jan 2017
- Created algorithm to calculate total calories
- Changed widget label

#1 Jan 2017
- Created filter to get calories count based on food title

#30 Dec 2016
- Fixed travelling activity subtype
- Implemented list card on timeline

#28 Dec 2016
- Implemented activity subtypes

#27 Dec 2016
- Got three sign ups till date. Big deal. Not much actions by them though.
- Implemented mood type and added note while adding mood.
- Implementing activity sub types

#4 Dec 2016
- Implemented invite code based registration
- Implemented registration based on invite code
- Fixed issues with inputbox summary panels
- Reset data store when switching from demo page to home page and vice versa

#27 Nov 2016
- Fixed issue with demo widgets and sidebar
- Added fitness widgets as well with under construction message

#26 Nov 2016
- Fixed issue with tags space and extra comma in feelings list

#25 Nov 2016
- Implemented mark checkbox for timeline
- Added under construction message on food and finance widgets

#24 Nov 2016
- Fixed issue with on login api authenticatoin failing (have set headers after login)

#23 Nov 2016
- Implemented finance card based on new implementation
- Added done or not-done indicator on habit card
- Fixed demo based on change of tags and finance

#22 Nov 2016
- Fixed cards based on tags schema update

#14 Nov 2016
- Disabled remaining split by functionality in finance

#13 Nov 2016
- Implemented 'Payment' split by functionality in finance

#12 Nov 2016
- Fixed 'Equally' split by functionality in finance

#11 Nov 2016
- Implemented 'Equally' split by functionality in finance

#9 Nov 2016
- Added split options and add new button for finance panel

#8 Nov 2016
- Changed finance input options to support splitting money

#7 Nov 2016
- Fixed calendar item date breaking on sidebar

#6 Nov 2016
- Fixed loading local storage templates on load
- Fixed issue with templates not loading on login

#5 Nov 2016
- Implemented demo data for one day based on latest UI changes
- Added loading icon on timeline

----------------------- END OF v0.1.8 ------------------------------
#4 Nov 2016
- Fixed repetition being generated with isChecked as true
- Rewrite of timepicker module to use date instead of date fragments

#3 Nov 2016
- Fixed Server and client side time zone difference while getting templates
- Changed the sidebar title to switch between 'Today' and date
- Added registeredAt field while user registeration
- Fixed issue with timepicker AM/PM change

#2 Nov 2016
- Changed description on start page
- Fixed Server and client side time zone difference while getting templates

#1 Nov 2016
- Paritally implemented checkbox for habit and calendar
- Completed implementing checkbox for habit and calendar fully (both backend and frontend)

#31 Oct 2016
- Added reverse sort order support on timeline, which is persistant on date change

#30 Oct 2016
- Added reverse sort order support on timeline

#29 Oct 2016
- Added location bar dislay on timeline
- Implemented monthly and annual repetition generation
- Fixed bugs with repetition generation
- Added activity type 'cooking'
- Select 'WEEK' and 'MTLY' options disabled
- Changed checkbox color
- Sending repeatiting templates to UI

#26 Oct 2016
- Implemented daily and weekly repetition generation (works well but has bugs, more testing required)
- Fixed only time not getting shown on fitness card

#25 Oct 2016
- Implemented new repetition generation logic
- Added async flow to process data (in series or parallel) as required

#23 Oct 2016
- Implemented creating DALY repetition entries

#22 Oct 2016
- Partially implemented reading repetitionUpdateDate for DALY entries

#21 Oct 2016
- Fixed issue with tags getting split on delete of a tag
- Removed id and user info from getting sent to UI

#20 Oct 2016
- Check for hour=12 else it would increment the date by one day
- Fixed issue with food and money widgets calculations

#19 Oct 2016
- Implemented minute increment to happen by 5 step at a time using buttons
- Fixed issue with timepicker date not get reset on inputbox reset

#17 Oct 2016
- Fixed issue with timepicker changing date and time incorrectly

#16 Oct 2016
- Partially implemented reading repetitionUpdateDate

#15 Oct 2016
- Partially implemented reading repetitionUpdateDate

#14 Oct 2016
- Partially implemented reading repetitionUpdateDate

#13 Oct 2016
- Implemented date-time picker for inputbox snippets
- Added algorithm for building habit & calendar items from 'repetitionUpdateDate' till today
- Partially implemented reading repetitionUpdateDate

#12 Oct 2016
- Added date and time picker for inputbox snippets

#9 Oct 2016
- Fixed activity icon with other template title
- Fixed timeline message for mobile view
- Reordered the inputbox icons

#8 Oct 2016
- Reimplemented autocomplete fields as arrays

#7 Oct 2016
- Fixed ordering of templates on load
- Fixed issue with template post submission waiting for server
- Merging tags and text data to form tagstext field

#4 Oct 2016
- Refixed timeline date update to current date on sumbit of template in inputbox
- View Demo/Visit Home button fixed for firefox
- Changed the size of icons on timeline

#1 Oct 2016
- Fixed timeline date update to current date on sumbit of template in inputbox

#29 Sep 2016
- Updated the template fetching from server, to pull data if already not there

#28 Sep 2016
- Updated widgets, timeline and sidebar services to accomodate data update on date change

#27 Sep 2016
- Load data from server
- Updated date to come from one common service

#26 Sep 2016
- Save data along with user id in database

#24 Sep 2016
- Save data on client side local storage when no server available
- Save all templates if present in local storage to server

#23 Sep 2016
- Fixed issue with timeline update not happening

#22 Sep 2016
- Added change of date related changes across all services

#17 Sep 2016
- Fixed issue with timepicker setMin() function
- Added scope binding to the new total time selector module
- Added click indicator on timepicker module
- Fixed isBetweenDates function
- completed data binding between inputbox and sidebar for calendar
- created duration filter to calculate time difference

#13 Sep 2016
- Created variable '@color-light-grey' for color #CCCCCC
- Fixed issues with timepicker
- Fixed other issues with habit to sidebar binding
- Created total time module for calendar panel to choose start and end time

#12 Sep 2016
- Added more code to complete sidebar data generation/construction
- Created service to process and generate sidebar data for today

#11 Sep 2016
- Added bindings between sidebar and data store
- Updated the breaking demo cards due to add new feature within panels

#10 Sep 2016
- Minor fixes on food widget message, repetition module
- Fixed issues with repetition module

#9 Sep 2016
- Completed food widget update on adding mood snippet

#8 Sep 2016
- Added bindings between DataStore and widgets
- Completed finance widget update on adding finance snippet
- Completed mood widget update on adding mood snippet

#7 Sep 2016
- Mood widget demo implemented
- Created data service for widgets (implemented partially for money widget)

#6 Sep 2016
- Restyled food and finance widget
- Added custom bar creation for mood widget

#5 Sep 2016
- Fixed calendar panel issues
- Added indicator in calendar module about date set manually by user
- Pass repeatition defaults while using the module
- Moved default data into service for inputbox module
- Added isDemo indicator in inputbox to prevent data submit in demo mode
- Added activity card and associated styles
- Added default values to finance card

#2 Sep 2016
- Added filter to remove unwanted items in UI of fitness summary and card

#1 Sep 2016
- Added fitness sets and multiworkout input ability

#28 Aug 2016
- Moved food summary panel into its own component

#27 Aug 2016
- Added filter to count calories sum

#26 Aug 2016
- Fixed issues with login and registration tokens
- Fixed issues with food panel summary panel

#25 Aug 2016
- Implemented server side validation to check if email or username exists already

#24 Aug 2016
- Implement user login
- Integerated the about page into the start page content
- Fixed issues with header content fixed width
- Implemented inputbox-link to load start page conditionally
- Changed mobile  

#17 Aug 2016
- Fixed issue with mood panel and mood cards
- Fixed food card and added multirow data support

#16 Aug 2016
- Fixed extra spacing issue with food panel
- Added editor component in note-card

#14 Aug 2016
- Access count outside ng-repeat for food summary list
eg. ng-repeat="item in filteredFoodList = (food.list | filterByType: 'FOOD')"
- Implemented food panel summary and add new item

#8 Aug 2016
- Implemented inputbox to timeline binding through services
- Fixed issue with tags module in firefox

#1 Aug 2016
- Hiding location information if no locationTimeline available
- Fixed issue with location icons

#31 Jul 2016
- Implemented dynamic date on timeline date display
- Fixed tablet to fullscreen display layout showing timeline aligned to left

#30 Jul 2016
- Restructured inputbox data structure skeleton to remove code being used only on UI layer
- Implementing server side data storage
- Created client side data store that will be used by the preprocessors

#25 Jul 2016
- Fixed issue with loading spinner not working on home page
- Fixed issue with autocomplete module failing
- Fixed auto height calculation of timeline

#20 Jul 2016
- Implement waiting icon on route switching
- $viewContentLoaded added in routes
- added timeout to waiting icon modal
- Implemented non-directive waiting modal
- Fixed issues with onAction directive

#17 Jul 2016
- Fixed issue with MobileType not updated on resize and orientation change
- Implemented timepicker and repetition modules for mobile
- Fixed sidebar font size and padding

#16 Jul 2016
- Food and mood panel responsive styles implemented
- Full screen dialog added
- Implemented sidebar menu items and added corresponding links
- Fixed mobile layout for sidebar menu items

#10 Jul 2016
- Fixed issues with mobile layout being zoomable
- Fixed issues with start page and register page
- Added drawer menu panel
- Implemented widgets and sidebars to be enabled only on desktop

#9 Jul 2016
- Added meta tags and transparent favicon
- 'nodb' attribute implemented to make server run without db also

#8 Jul 2016
- Mobile layout for timeline implemented

#7 Jul 2016
- Adding mobile styles as social media followers are on mobile devices
- Added menu button on header
- Added flex box to inputbox on mobile view

#6 Jul 2016
- Fixed issue with play button and demo-video image alignment
- Fixed footer cropping on mobile devices

#5 Jul 2016
- Fixed issue with favicon manifest and paths

#4 Jul 2016
- Added favicons and its manifest files

#3 Jul 2016
- Added start page and completed the same

#30 Jun 2016
- Created new icon
- Added feature snippets on facebook page
- Created google analytics account
- Added analytics to the mockup-v2 website

#29 Jun 2016
- Create first icon

#28 Jun 2016
- Created facebook page

#25 Jun 2016
- Added contact info
- Fixed on click style issues
- Added comment page
- Fixed issue with gulp build not picking new files using gulp-watch plugin

#24 Jun 2016
- Updated colors based on google material color palette
- Dimmed down colors from 500 to 400 accent tone. Earlier colors were too bright on good displays.
- Required to make colors appear similar on different displays with varying color reproduction quality.
- Changed icons also to match material color scheme.
- Keeping pink and light blue as primary colors
- Keeping orange as the action bar color

#23 Jun 2016
- Added color to widget and action bar title bars

#22 Jun 2016
- Fixed bindings of fields getting udpated on submit
- Added is having data to each template field being submitted
- Register page api in backend to store and email details (Front end completed)- Added back and forward button on timeline date panel to change date

#21 Jun 2016
- Made icons and design as monochrome.
- Changed icon colors to suttle and mild colors

#20 Jun 2016
- Integerated '$templateCache' into the project.
- Fixed path issue with '$templateCache' as its path were starting from the child folder of the desired path
- Tested '$templateCache' to be working, as no http request being logged for templates being used
- Created register page with a beta invite message

#18 Jun 2016
- Added 'Register' button and removed login and sign up

#17 Jun 2016
- Added dummy data for sidebar in data service
- Completed dynamic content generation based on template type in sidebar
- Implemented height setting directive based on a given element height

#16 Jun 2016
- Added data bindings to money and food widget
- Create DataService to handle demo data
- Created one way bindings where possible
- Created sidebar cards and associated template and copied existing style

#15 Jun 2016
- Added HomeController to create data wiring between widgets, timeline and sidebar
- Added Roboto font for the project
- Fixed issue with widget data wiring

#12 Jun 2016
- Updated timeline module for final fixes
- Modified timeline icons and added type colors

#11 Jun 2016
- Updated card templates to use consistent and common design
- Added card templates for habit and calendar

#10 Jun 2016
- Added type icons to timeline view

#9 Jun 2016
- Created concept design for people and calendar module

#8 Jun 2016
- Added card templates for timeline view
- Added conditional templating based on content type in timeline template

#7 Jun 2016
- Merged location and post timelines

#3 Jun 2016
- Disconnected all routes except serving of the homepage from nodejs
- Added few templates to timeline
- Added font awesome library

#2 Jun 2016
- Created basic template for timeline view

#1 Jun 2016
- Created row based layout design for timeline view

#30 May 2016
- Removed unwanted modules
- Added template cache target in gulpfile

#29 May 2016
- Fixed issue with mood module not loading feelings
- Added toggle view directive
- Added onactiontoggle directive
- Fixed buttons color in mood panel

#28 May 2016
- Classifying food quantity into classes
	- Pieces
	- Tablespoon, Cups, Glass, Bowl
	- Ounces Grams Kilogram
- Fixed layout in view size smaller than 1200px
- Replaced radio buttons with choices in Finance panel
- Added field choices for food module

#27 May 2016
- Added choose many buttons on fitness
- Restyled repetition panel and added choose button for weekly repetition

#26 May 2016
 - I have decided to make the sidebar suggest actions that user needs to take in InputBox.
 - The main goal of the app would be to show user stats. User can plan actions based on that. While executing the actions the user can see his progress as he inputs his data.

#21 May 2016
- Created a new design for fitness panel
- Looked for more possibilities of categarisation on activity panel
- Restyled activity panel

#20 May 2016
- Integerated autocomplete module where required
- Added tags-autocomplete module
- Modified autocomplete to account for intergeration with tags module
- Integerated tags-autocomplete module where required

#19 May 2016
- Restyled calendar module
- Restructured the whole module and removed unwated code
- Completed calendar module creation
- Tested values being selected and the selected being saved on submit

#18 May 2016
- Fixed styles of calendar module

#17 May 2016
- Tested inverting buttons color with their selection values [rejected]
- Modularised calendar and also created dual calendar module

#16 May 2016
- Removed on action visibility setting of fields, defaulted to visible
- Added fields to calendar
- Changed Add New box items order

#15 May 2016
- Created directive to select one item among a group
- Created directive to select multiple item among a group

#14 May 2016
- Partially implemented button selection on click

#13 May 2016
- Blogged about onAction directive

#11 May 2016
- Integerated split by parts, created a service for the same
- Integerated onAction directive for setting multiple attributes at the same time

#10 May 2016
- Wrote a method to partition onAction input string into three parts
	// var text = 'eventType, attributeName, value';
	// var text = '[eventType1, eventType2, ..., eventTypeN], attributeName, value';
	// var text = 'eventType, [attributeName1, attributeName2, ..., attributeNameN], value';
	// var text = 'eventType, attributeName, [value1, value2, ..., valueN]';
	// var text = 'eventType, [attributeName1, attributeName2, ..., attributeNameN], [value1, value2, ..., valueN]';
	// var text = '[eventType1, eventType2, ..., eventTypeN], [attributeName1, attributeName2, ..., attributeNameN], [value1, value2, ..., valueN]';

#9 May 2016
- Fixed issues with time module UI icon not getting selected
- Added repetition module template

#8 May 2016
- Working on drinkr

#7 May 2016
- Worked on getting the repetition module
- Completed the final design of repetition module

#6 May 2016
- Working on drinkr

#5 May 2016
- Worked on completing time module
- Added binding to capture selected time value or code
- Fixed issue with time binding on timeselector module

#3 May 2016
- Added tags module

#2 May 2016
- Integerated choose time module

#1 May 2016
- Created mockup for choose time module

#30 Apr 2016
- Restructured components into wrapper directory based on type
- Removed unwanted code
- Created new contenteditable div based editor component
- Implemented rich text to plain text conversion on paste

#28 Apr 2016
- Listed down the remaining tasks
- Layed out plan for added remaining features

#27 Apr 2016
- Worked upon getting the calendar fields right
- Spent good time on the repetition for calendar events

#26 Apr 2016
- Added media panel and associated bindings
- Added people panel and associated bindings
- Added calendar panel and associated bindings
- Added social icons, created the 128px versions out of 512px icons.

#25 Apr 2016
- Created design for people and calendar

#24 Apr 2016
- Added finance panel and its style changes for radio button
- Scope bindings for radio button group
- Added place panel and associated bindings
- Added note panel and added tags and title field
- Changed style of input fields on focus. Added blue color border-bottom.
- Added nested list module and associated style definations
- Integerated nested list module into inputbox

#23 Apr 2016
- Buttons color changes and on button selection styles
- Mood selection and feeling selection display change
- Showing fitness panel fields on entering workout name
- Added 5 input fields to collect multiple sets data
- Removed count field, as its not relevant now
- Added styles to repetitions of each field type
- Binding fitness panel fields with scope completed and tested
- Added food panel and associated scope bindings

#22 Apr 2016
- Created widget for mood based on google charts
- Implemented feelings list generation and selection based on mood level
- Select and Unselect multiple feelings
- Passing data object to components wrapped within inputbox component, to get the onSubmit and onReset working

#21 Apr 2016
- Started working on mood inputbox panel.
- Imported styles from inputbox older version.
- Created a 'onAction' directive, which would hide and show items based on event triggered.

#20 Apr 2016
- Fixed issues with clicking checkbox.
- Enabled inputbox

#2 Apr 2016
- Create new timeline, widget and actionbar layout
- Add mockup content for new layout
- Use consistent icon scheme
- Added more items in inputbox
- Added actionbar styles and mockup content

#22 Mar 2016
- Created timeline view
- Updated the number of fields to show onload for each template inside inputbox
- Added input fields instead of contenteditable div's

#21 Mar 2016
- Added minified versions of local js libs
- Removed material library
- Added inputbox with selectable templates

#19 Mar 2016
- Removed column less file declaration and moved to common.
- Added overview for finance section.

#17 Mar 2016
Added overview for places section.

#16 Mar 2016
Added overview for fitness section.

#15 Mar 2016
- Added activity dashboard.
- Functional mockup using angular.

#14 Mar 2016
Added mockup templates for all except activity

#10 Mar 2016
Reordered sidebar navigation items.

#9 Mar 2016
Removed tags and added activity section in sidebar.

#8 Mar 2016
- Created 3 column layout and added partials for each route.
- Created layout to restrict layout width to 1450px.

#7 Mar 2016
Created sliding sidebar based on viewport size

#6 Mar 2016
Added icons for sidebar

#5 Mar 2016
- Moved the project from Google drive to Bit Bucket.
- Using HabitTracker codebase to start from.