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                <div class="inputbox col-xs-12" contenteditable>Plan interview of Bruce Wayne::</div>
                <div class="inputbox col-xs-12 level-one" contenteditable>Find contact of Sasha</div>
                <div class="inputbox col-xs-12 level-one" contenteditable>Seduce Sasha::</div>
                <div class="inputbox col-xs-12 level-two" contenteditable>Meet Bruce Wayne::</div>
                <div class="inputbox col-xs-12 level-three" contenteditable>Complain About Goutham City</div>
                <div class="inputbox col-xs-12" contenteditable>Few more details on interview</div>
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                <span><a href="">EXAMPLE</a>, <a href="">COMICS</a></span>
                <span class="pull-right">2 mins ago</span>